While most textbook companies first write content and then drop in related activities, STEMscopes was written with the hands-on activities first, resulting in more effective curriculum. Combining digital resources, print, and hands-on kits helps students develop a more complete sense of STEM by learning content through a variety of modalities—increasing engagement by fostering a blended learning environment while empowering both traditional instruction and 1-to-1 classrooms.


STEMscopes is designed to enhance 1-to-1 and traditional classrooms with a wide variety of teacher support and student instructional resources. With over 25 elements per scope (lesson), both veteran educators and new teachers will find intuitive, easy-to-use materials to support assessment, differentiation, hands-on instruction, literacy, and game-based learning. Explore some of our favorite scope elements below; then, start a preview or trial to see them all!

  1. 1. Digital Teacher Edition
    Facilitation points, STEM best practices call-outs, materials lists, standards alignment guides, and in-depth content backgrounds—STEMscopes has everything teachers need to prepare teachers to teach a 5E-based, standards-aligned STEM lesson.
  2. 2. Lab Setup Videos

    Hands-on labs are the cornerstone of STEM learning. Use our lab setup videos to rehearse lab facilitation and anticipate student questions during the hands-on activities.

    Lab setup videos are not available in all STEMscopes editions. Please reach out to your STEMscopes Account Manager to find out if they are included for your state.

  3. 3. STEMscopedia
    The STEMscopedia is the STEMscopes student text. Available in English and Spanish, STEMscopedias include parent connection activities, modern photography, and mini-activities to support student comprehension of new content.
  4. 4. Reading Science
    Support literacy and language development with Reading Science. These expository reading passages center on the science content covered in each scope. Leveled at, above, and below grade level K-8, reading science combines ELA standards with science standards.
  5. 5. Claim-Evidence-Reasoning
    Found alongside STEMscopes’ varied assessment types, CERs assess students in the way scientists think of the world around them. CERs offer a deeper perspective on what students know than most standard assessments and can be used to promote scientific argumentation. Each CER includes a scenario, question prompts, and external data to analyze.



STEMscopes simulations are embedded throughout the curriculum from kindergarten to 12th grade. These interactive elements help students practice their learned content knowledge and skills and enable teachers to assess in unique ways. Designed in two formats, Simulation Practice and SEP Simulations, these simulations integrate smoothly with the hands-on experiences, STEM videos, and teacher resources.

Distinguishing themselves from “games,” these simulations combine the engaging qualities of gamified learning with the rigor and depth of a standards-aligned STEM curriculum. Your students will be engaged and you’ll be amazed as they demonstrate content mastery without the agony of worksheets and traditional multiple choice assessments. You’ll be hooked from the moment you grab your favorite device and dive into a STEM simulation!

SEP Simulations

Not every student is successful on standard multiple choice assessments, whether it’s due to testing anxiety, lack of engagement, or problems with reading comprehension. SEP Simulations enable the teacher to uniquely assess students as they drag, drop, and manipulate onscreen elements in this performance-based assessment. Once the student completes the activity, the teacher receives a report that contains valuable information about the student’s level of mastery of the assessed content and reveals the student’s choices in the activity, which can help the teacher identify the source of any misconceptions.

Sample: Figure out the flow of energy through different systems and run an alternative energy billboard campaign (5th grade, Reducing Human Impact – SEP Simulation: Alternative Energy).

Simulation Practices

With designer-quality graphics and immersive story lines, these ready-made interactive experiences use the scientific process to support students’ understanding of the science concept. They’ll love the simulations’ use of humor, weirdness, and, yes, even explosions! As the teacher you’ll love seeing your students critically thinking and practicing with the content and skills they learned in the lesson’s hands-on modules.

Sample: Color and adorn robots as you figure out their cruising speeds using time lapse photos (Middle School Physical Science, Kinetic Energy – Interactive Practice: Calculating Speed).



Enhance Learning With Real-World Connections

BBC Learning Content Connection videos take your students on STEM field trips around the world through short, impactful, premium quality videos that help them see real-life phenomena, inspiring wonder and deepening their understandings of the world around them. Each video is seamlessly embedded into STEMscopes modules, requiring no additional licenses, software, or hassle to figure out standards alignment.

With over 1000 videos at your disposal, your students will say “wow” as they see how the hands-on STEMscopes experiences in class correlate with the jaw-dropping, modern footage from across the globe.

Enhance Hands-on STEM Curriculum

  • Stun visual learners with premium quality footage that shows them how hands-on experiences in class relate to real-life STEM careers, phenomena, and events; provide context to hands-on learning
  • Enhance differentiation by incorporating social studies, history, geography, various cultures, and more into each STEM video
  • Improve retention and deepen understandings with video companion

Save Time, Money, and Stress

  • Embedded in every module
  • Vetted and aligned to curriculum—no need to determine if “they fit” with the content
  • No additional license required—your current subscription gets you over 1000 premium videos
  • No additional software required—videos are HTML5-based, playing on any device directly from your web browser
  • Can be assigned directly to students

Develop Real-World Connections

  • Don’t just imagine real-world phenomena—using BBC Learning’s award-winning STEM videos, your students can now see the things they learn about in class
  • Encourage your students to share what they learn outside of class
  • Develop interest in STEM careers
  • Drive interest in cross-curricular topics and activities



Built in Partnership with Tuva!

Now more than ever, educators need highly-engaging instructional materials that immerse students in authentic problem-solving, drive inquiry, and build data literacy to prepare them for the future. Tuva datasets are embedded throughout STEMscopes lessons for a rich learning experience. In addition to these embedded assets, Tuva’s full library offers more than 800 standards-aligned, interactive lessons, empowering schools and districts across the country to build data literacy — a critical pillar of 21st-century STEM education. Educators and students use Tuva’s statistical tools to explore, visualize, and analyze real-world data for a deeper learning experience.