STEMscopes Integrates Seamlessly With Your Favorite LMS

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Reduce Barriers, Increase Learning Time

Centralize all your curriculum resources in one place. No matter what LMS you use, STEMscopes integrates with it. Integrating with your preferred LMS is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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  1. Purchase a STEMscopes digital license for your district
  2. Connect your IT department with ours
  3. Let the behind-the-scenes magic happen and within one business day, find your favorite STEMscopes resources accessible in your LMS

What Are LMSs?

A learning management system (LMS) handles all things learning. A centralized software application that houses and tracks learning resources, an LMS may also be called a training management system, learning activity management system, or learning experience platform.

An LMS is a teacher’s best friend. It helps identify, distribute, and assess learning objectives set by educators and schools, tracks progress, and collects data that enables teachers to oversee the learning process.

The LMS also facilitates onboarding, compliance, and skills-gap analysis.

Google Classroom, Next Level Integration

STEMscopes now integrates with Google Classroom to make grading, assigning, and student interaction a cinch! With just a few clicks, create a free Google Classroom account, connect STEMscopes resources to it, and get straight to assigning content to all your students. With our nightly synchronization, your data stays up-to-date and secure. Meanwhile, your students can benefit from learning in one of the most widely-used platforms to be college and career ready while keeping parents connected on their progress.

Google Classroom
Google Classroom
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Canvas | Add Assignment
Canvas | Submit Resource
Canvas | Publish Course
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Schoology | Add STEMscopes Topic to Materials
Schoology | Edit External Tool
Schoology | Course Materials List
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The Power of Integrated Systems

Integrating STEMscopes with your LMS can seem daunting, but the process is seamless for schools and districts. Student data privacy, high-end security, and access to bonus features like GradePass back to push student scores into your gradebook make integrating the obvious choice to improve workflows, save time, and increase teaching time.

Students will enjoy being able to access all content in one centralized location, with one login, and one familiar interface. Teachers and school leaders love the dynamically updated rosters, ability to interweave different content areas from one platform, and the ease of training students to use STEMscopes resources.

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Not on the List?

We can work with you if your LMS is part of these

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