Introducing STEMscopes STREAMING

BBC Learning and STEMscopes have partnered to bring you a new way to explore the world of phenomena. From the nation’s most popular STEM curriculum and the creators of Blue Planet I & II, Planet Earth I & II, Frozen Planet, and Hidden Kingdoms, STEMscopes Streaming contains world-class footage, news, behind-the-scenes photography, and integrated activities that engage your students with the world’s most awe-inspiring scientific phenomena.

Proven STEM Curriculum Meets World-class STEM Content

BBC Media Resources

From immersive 360° videos to today’s scientific news, STEMscopes Streaming’s thousands of videos are cataloged by scientific discipline and searchable. Expand your students’ understanding of the natural world, spark passion for global issues, and seed a love for science by diving into what is happening now across the globe.

Active Learning Integration

Filled with discussion questions, writing prompts, and hands-on extension activities, all media resources encourage teachers and students to take what they learn into their own hands and explore phenomena through communication, literacy, and lab investigations.

Ignite Inquiry

Every video, news article, and photo is a virtual field trip into new phenomena. With each step into the unknown, students will question the world around them and develop solutions to today’s STEM challenges.

Key Features

Spark student-led discussion, empower the 21st Century skills, and support scientific argumentation.

  • Discussion
  • Writing
  • Hands-On


  • Enables multi-modality learning
  • Offers various affordances of learning
  • Frees up class time
  • Minimizes disciplinary actions by capturing students' attention
  • More affordable than textbooks over time
  • Keeps students up-to-date on current events

Explore Content

Connect students to the real world through captivating current content. Engage your classroom with thousands of video resources organized by topic and subcategory for quick access. All content comes complete with discussion questions, writing prompts, and hands-on extension activities.

Life Science

Watch a group of spider crabs molting and shedding their shells, mating and trying to avoid predation by stingrays.

Dive into the world of chameleons' adaptations, learning how they are used to camouflage and catch prey.

Learn about the interaction of human organs that control breathing.

Physical Science

Take a fascinating look at how electromagnetic forces influence the structure of matter, and learn why ice floats on water.

Have you ever wondered how astronomers can tell so much about stars and their compositions? Look no further than their light.

A scientist creates seismic waves using explosives, aiming to study how they interact with Earth's layers.

Earth and Space Science

The breakup of Pangea resulted in some drastic changes to the African landscape. A scientist predicts there are more to come.

Explore the connections between cyclones and hurricanes and look at the destructive nature of cyclones.

Viewing the Milky Way Galaxy with different parts of the electromagnet spectrum.

Nature of Science

Can an emotional bond exist between humans and computers? Catch a glimpse of what it would be like if computers could read our emotions and display emotions of their own.

Alan Bean's Trip to the Moon

Isaac Newton disproves Robert Hooke's theory of how light works with prisms to show that white light is in fact split into every visible color.


Ignite inquiry with your students and empower teachers to bring the world of curiosity into the classroom with STEMscopes Streaming.