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We don’t play favorites at Accelerate Learning — we love every aspect of STEM. Students deserve an education that reveals the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and math, and teachers should have all the tools they need to explore these subjects with their students. Blended learning is key to achieving these goals, so we offer almost all our content in digital, kit, and print.


Our award-winning science curriculum immerses students in real-world phenomena through engaging lessons, interactive features, and high quality media, such as BBC Streaming. Tailored to your state standards, our curriculum brings science to life.

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Turn screen time into learning time with STEMscopes Coding (powered by Bitbox)! STEMscopes Coding shows students how to build, customize, and share their own digital apps with typed JavaScript code. Students get a taste of life as a professional coder.

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Students love tinkering with toys, taking them apart and putting them back together. Dive-in Engineering fosters that curiosity by encouraging students to deconstruct, imitate, vary, explore real-world engineering problems, and then design their own solutions.

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Built on the 5E lesson model, STEMscopes Math shows students how math works in our everyday experiences. STEMscopes Math also provides the resources teachers need to promote meaningful learning that empowers their students with 21st-century skills for real-world application.

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We know that it takes time for teachers to adjust to a new curriculum. That’s why we personally train them throughout the entire implementation process. We remain available to answer your questions, even after the adoption of STEMscopes. For teachers interested in deepening their STEM knowledge, we offer a variety of self-paced STEM certification programs through our partnership with the National Institute of STEM Education (NISE).

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Distance learning, learning loss, and the impact of COVID-19 have permanently reshaped education. After gathering experts from across the industry, actionable resources, and instructional guidance tips, we’ve centralized all the need-to-know information to support teachers and students through these tough times. Explore each area of interest below:

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We take a scientific approach to our curriculum, refining, recalibrating, and adjusting it in light of concrete evidence. Improvements are based on data-driven results and teacher feedback. Accelerate Learning’s curriculum products have been designed to serve teachers and students, so we are always adapting to their changing needs. This strategy makes us dependable and effective. It’s the reason over 9 million students (and counting) across the country use our curriculum.










What teachers are saying

“STEMscopes is great. Until we began using STEMscopes, students didn’t understand that science is everywhere. In kindergarten through fourth grade, they thought science was a book. They didn’t see science as being connected to the real world, so they thought that when they left school they’d never use it again. Now they realize science is everyday life.”

Karen Silensky, Fifth Grade Teacher

Horizon Elementary, Broward County Public Schools, Florida

“STEMscopes is a major motivator for our students. It helps them grasp concepts, build their critical thinking skills, and connect science to real-world situations.”

Robin Butcher, Fifth Grade Teacher

Horizon Elementary, Broward County Public Schools, Florida

“Because we’ve been using STEMscopes for a few years now, our students are better prepared in science at each subsequent grade level. Our middle school teachers say that students are arriving with a stronger foundation in science than they did a few years ago. They also have a better understanding of what’s expected of them, which is moving the learning process forward much quicker.”

Don E. Cowart II, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Coventry Public Schools, Rhode Island

“Being a first-year teacher, I love having everything you need at the access of your computer to complete a lesson plan. From vocabulary, to video with worksheets in not only English, but also in Spanish, as well as extended activities. I love having the hands-on components that include a supply list as well as a quick how-to video on those hands on activities.”

Amber Moenning, Teacher

Crockett Elementary, Wichita Falls ISD, Texas

“STEMscopes has benefited my students and me tremendously. Its practice has encouraged my students to further investigate into the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as a whole. Its curriculum and experiments/activities are readily accessible, easy to use, and educationally comprehensive. I couldn’t be happier with STEMscopes!”

Elizabeth Dennis, Fifth Grade Teacher

Centro Mater East II, Miami Dade County, Florida

“STEMscopes allows me to focus on students doing science, not just reading about science. The annual student subscription is reasonable and suggests materials that are inexpensive and easy to find, making hands-on science affordable for a small school with a limited science budget.”

Angelin Petit, Middle School Science Teacher

Sacred Heart Catholic School, Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota

“When a new curriculum gets adopted, teachers worry that they’ll need a lot of professional development and that they’ll have to spend hours planning to implement it. They didn’t do that with STEMscopes. They jumped in really quickly. STEMscopes is very intuitive and simple to use.”

Cyndi Ganfield, Principal

Aumsville Elementary, Cascade School District, Oregon

“The vertical alignment in STEMscopes has been a big benefit. It standardized science so everyone is now speaking the same language.”

Bryan Dyer, Principal

Cloverdale Elementary, Cascade, Oregon

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