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Distance learning brings its own set of unique challenges, but educators across the country are stepping up to the plate and doing their best to keep the learning going. Here at STEMscopes, we will support you every step of the way.

We’ve gathered resources, hosted webinars, written blog posts, filmed new video lessons, and updated our products to help you overcome the hurdles of distance learning and teach with confidence. Access all we have to offer, and check back for more updates.

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Check out our free science webinars and mini-STEMposiums, where on-the-ground experts cover this school year's most relevant topics.

Distance Learning Webinars info Our on-the-ground experts cover this school year's most relevant distance learning topics.

mini-STEMposiums info Featuring premier speakers from across the United States, each webinar brings together the knowledge of on-the-ground experts and relevant topics that every classroom in America is facing now. Webinars are entirely free of cost and, more importantly, are not product promotions—they’re offered to address issues affecting all students for a better tomorrow.

STEMscopes At-Home and Virtual Learning Lessons

Earlier this year, we created video lessons and resources to help teachers (and parents) teach science in a virtual setting, and we've got great news: you can still access all of that and more on our YouTube channel.

We've also added new Virtual Learning lessons within the STEMscopes Science™ curriculum for continued hands-on learning from home. Check out this video to learn more about our Virtual Learning lessons for grades K-2, 3-5, and middle school:

STEMscopes at Home - Watch Now!

How to Use STEMscopes for Synchronous, Asynchronous, and Hybrid Distance Learning

STEMscopes Asynchronous and Synchronous Guide info As a classroom teacher, you’re used to working with one group of students while others work independently. Now, we help you implement this same practice in your virtual classroom. Check out our guide to using STEMscopes for synchronous and asynchronous instruction.


New Product Updates to Support the Virtual Classroom info As the educational landscape shifts toward digital instruction, we've adapted our product to better fit your district’s distance-learning needs. View our product updates page to learn more about what's changed.

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STEMscopes Hybrid Planning for Elementary and Middle School Classrooms info Whether your students are in the classroom or learning from home, you can streamline elementary and middle school science planning with the help of our hybrid planning guide.


Use Google Classroom with STEMscopes info Google Classroom integration makes assigning STEMscopes activities a cinch. Learn how to push documents to your Google Classroom account, modify, and share them with students in this brief tutorial.

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Learn How STEMscopes Supports Learning Continuity for Your School District

Let us Help: Supporting a Learning Continuity Plan

As district leaders prioritize learning continuity for the 2020-21 school year, we hope to provide some assistance. View our Learning Continuity Plan that details all the resources you need to keep the learning going.


Easily Integrate Your LMS with STEMscopes

Schoology and Canvas Integration

Enhance operations, empower teachers, and support students with STEMscopes LMS integration, a collaborative platform that supports in‑person, online, or blended learning instruction. Check out our instructional videos to learn how to manage and assign content within STEMscopes.

Schoology Tutorial Videos

Canvas Tutorial Videos

STEMscopes Curriculum Mapping

STEMscopes Curriculum Mapping, a district‑level management application, allows STEMscopes System Administrators and STEM Administrators to assign and push student learning materials and assessments to teachers’ sections and students. Using an easy drag‑and‑drop feature, you can now schedule and manage assignments within the calendar mapping function. One key feature is the ability to mass push pre‑tests and post‑tests to all students within a district.


Explore Distance Learning Best Practices

NGSS Teacher Walkthrough

Learn how to use STEMscopes for web-based learning, access printable resources for students without internet access, and utilize Google Classroom integration and grading.

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Texas Teacher Walkthrough

Refresh your understanding of STEMscopes Texas' remote learning elements, including Google Classroom integration, digital assignments, printable items, and grading.

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Professional Development for Teachers

Get Your Teaching Online Essentials Certificate

Earn your Teaching Online “Essentials” Certificate by completing the four Micro Certificates listed below, each including two, 3-hour, online courses. You may also choose to complete any individual Micro Certificate or pick individual courses to refine your practice and learn new strategies for teaching online - in addition to onsite.

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Making Online Instruction Work

The National Institute for STEM Education is compiling a seven part blog series to guide teachers through online instruction. Throughout the series they will cover how to apply what you already know, how to navigate “intimidating” technology, and how you can get started right way.

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