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STEMscopes Kits Overview
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What is STEMscopes?
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Sample Math Connection activity—Develop Math Skills while learning science
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STEMscopes NGSS, Kindergarten Kit

STEMscopes Overview

Demystify the NGSS

The Next Generation Science Standards are complex and hard to unpack. Built on a digital platform, enhanced by print, and brought to life in hands-on kits, STEMscopes NGSS is an all-in-one STEM solution for the NGSS. Developed over three years, STEMscopes NGSS is rooted in the IDEA model, an instructional method that connects the three dimensions of NGSS deeper than 5E permits.

STEMscopes NGSS places problem-based learning, engineering challenges, scientific investigations, math and literacy connections, and culminating claim-evidence-reasoning assessments at your fingertips—now it is finally possible to help students understand the NGSS as they were designed.

Available in Spanish for K-5.


Helping Teachers Succeed

Key Benefits

Engage Students in Real STEM Learning

STEMscopes NGSS drives student inquiry and a passion for STEM. Help your students understand the nuances and complexity of the NGSS through scientific investigations, engineering challenges, content connection videos, claim-evidence-reasoning assessments, and more.

Empower the Teacher, School, and District

Spend less time planning and more time focusing on helping struggling and advanced learners, through a variety of learning resources. STEMscopes NGSS saves schools and districts money, provides free PD, and constantly evolves based on teachers’ feedback.

True Alignment to the NGSS

Built over three years, STEMscopes NGSS meets all ETSs, CCCs, DCIs, and Scientific and Engineering Practices across all Strands, while considering the language and structure of the PEs to understand the bounds and limitations of what student outputs should be.


Professional Development

Even the best designed curriculum cannot be successful without professional development. Get on-boarded quickly with STEMcoach Launch Training.

When adopting a new instructional program for teachers and student success in science, implementation support is paramount for using the program to its best advantage. By modeling hands-on, inquiry-based strategies while using STEMscopes, teachers will develop an understanding of the STEMscopes structure, where resources are located, how to glide through assessments, and how to provide interactive and engaging technology-focused lessons.

Professional Development

How the Program is Built

The IDEA Model

STEMscopes NGSS is based on our proprietary IDEA model—illuminate, do, expand, and assess—that empowers teachers to make sense of the Disciplinary Core Idea.

The IDEA model, developed by the same STEMscopes team that built STEMscopes K-12 on the 5E model, utilizes hands-on, rigorous components to seamlessly incorporate science and engineering, argumentation, and problem-based learning into today’s classroom. STEMscopes NGSS is easy to use and written by teachers, for teachers.


» Students activate prior knowledge through a short hook activity that prompts them to question the scientific phenomenon they are about to experience. Teachers may also use this as a pre-assessment.


» Students dive into a multistep combination of hands-on investigations, engineering solutions tasks, and PBLs (Project Based Learning) that builds not only their context for the academic knowledge of the standard but also 21st century skills.


» Students can engage with powerful differentiated activities to meet each of their individual needs — reading, math, and hands-on extensions.


» Each student’s level of mastery becomes clear through formative and summative assessments presented in multiple formats, including claim-evidence-reasoning.

Three-Dimensional Learning

STEMscopes NGSS is built on Three-Dimensional Learning—crosscutting connections, discipline-specific core ideas, and science and engineering practices. All three dimensions are seamlessly woven together in lesson activities so that students come to understand the Next Generation Science Standards not as discreet facts and skills, but as the process of applying science in our lives. This type of learning means that students can interact with science as scientists themselves, combining personal interests, a spirit of inquiry, and the overarching concepts that govern how we understand the natural world.

Download our STEMscopes NGSS Three-Dimensional Learning infographic to understand how this learning (and teaching) paradigm works.

What a Lesson Looks Like

Each STEMscopes NGSS module transitions from teacher facilitated to student directed using the IDEA Model.
NGSS Lesson Cycle:
  • Burning Question
  • Accessing Prior Knowledge
  • Hook Activity
  • Science Activity
  • Science Investigation
  • Engineering Solution
  • PBL
  • Extensions
  • Math Connections
  • Reading Connections
  • Interactives
  • Argue: CER
  • Multiple Choice
  • Open Ended Response
» The IDEA model relies on a gradual release of control from teacher to student. »

Preview STEMscopes NGSS

An Introduction
to STEMscopes

Try STEMscopes now

Experience STEMscopes NGSS and see how teachers ACTIVATE student learning through facilitated hands-on activities built from the ground up. From hands-on, inquiry-based investigations to math, literacy, art, and engineering differentiation activities, STEMscopes NGSS makes teaching science easy, affordable, and engaging.

STEMscopes Samples & Brochures

STEMscopes Digital Curriculum Screenshots
View STEMscopes Hands-on Kit Samples
View STEMscopes Print Samples

STEM Videos

Explore STEM around the World

We're enhancing STEMscopes Content Connections with over 1000 new STEM videos!

Twig World licensed videos bring global STEM phenomena to your classroom without any additional cost or software—they’re already in your STEMscopes subscription!

Whether used in class or assigned for use at home, these short and impactful videos are sourced from top film archives including BBC Worldwide and Getty Images libraries.

Enhance your hands-on experiences by seeing how the models you create with your students in class act in the real world.

Learn More »