Early Explorer Overview

Built on the Up Model

With twelve modules lasting between two and three weeks, STEMscopes Early Explorer was designed to support students ages three through five. It is the first of its kind, built from the ground up to Head Start, state and national PreK and Kindergarten guidelines, and scaffolded to prepare students for NGSS Kindergarten standards. Students get a jump-start on learning science concepts thanks to custom-tailored lessons that can be easily differentiated for all learning styles. All designed around four easy-to-follow lesson design sequences:

Ramp Up

An introductory hands-on activity and song to spark the students’ curiosity followed by a series of daily starter activities to keep students engaged throughout the full module.

Round Up

A wealth of ideas for centers-based individual and small-group self-guided lessons which allow the students to further explore the concept through all their modalities, including science, technology, engineering, math, literacy and motor skills. It is easy for the teacher to differentiate because there are so many centers to choose from!

Each center comes with easy to follow instructions for the teacher. Also provided are questions (with sample student answers) and center signs that make it easy for everyone to navigate and stay on track in a centers-based format.

Wrap Up

Teachers are able to evaluate their students' understanding through questioning while students show what they know by creating a culminating project to take home to parents.

Keep Up

A collection of sustained inquiry investigations built to increase student understanding before and after topics have been covered in class. These group investigations pave the way for students to begin thinking scientifically. With 12 modules in Physical, Earth, and Life Sciences, STEMscopes Early Explorer was designed with strong connections to ELA, Writing and Math, rounding out their education needs.

Preview STEMscopes Early Explorer

Experience STEMscopes Early Explorer and see how teachers ACTIVATE student learning through facilitated hands-on activities built from the ground up. From hands-on, inquiry-based investigations to math, literacy, art, and engineering differentiation activities, STEMscopes Early Explorer makes teaching science easy, affordable, and engaging.


Introduce the world of science with a variety of modules that follow the Ups Model design sequence

Center Activities Include: Science, Engineering, Literacy, Math, Weather, World of Science, Observation, Writing, Art, Dramatic Play, Puppet, Color, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Sensory Table, and Technology.

Cover 12 Modules with Your Students: Habitats, Objects in the Sky, Forces, Life Cycles, Properties of Matter, Food Sources, Caring for Our Earth, Sun’s Heat, Basic Needs, Food as Energy, Weather Patterns, and Five Senses.

Big Books

Engage hungry minds in story telling that’s designed for individual, small group, and whole group instruction through STEMscopes Early Explorer’s Big Books, available in digital and print.
  • 24 books total
  • 12 non-fiction with ELA books conventions
  • 12 fiction filled with original artwork
  • All books are centered on key science concepts
  • Each book seamlessly integrates into an Early Explorer lesson
  • Integrating ELA with science has never been so fun and easy!
Sample Big Book

Helping Teachers Succeed

Professional Development

Being a highly effective teacher is equally important as having the best instructional resources. STEMcoach, the professional development arm of Accelerate Learning, knows that a teacher's professional development is the single best investment in our students' futures.

With STEMcoach, engaging and knowledgeable STEM coaches provide a wide variety of research-based, hands-on professional development and STEMscopes product trainings. STEMcoach is ready to develop your skills as a science teacher so you can have a direct impact on your students' success and build your leadership capacity for implementing STEM programs.

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Sing-a-long Science Videos

Video Poster
Food Sources
Video Poster
Weather Patterns
Video Poster
Basic Needs

Engage your classroom in science, song and dance through Early Explorer's Science Rock sing-a-long videos. Introduce new science concepts through melodies, lyrics, and movements that will captivate your early learners.

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