Coding for All

Bring Technology into Every Classroom.
No Robotics Lab Required.

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Unlike other instructional technology products, STEMscopes Coding requires no clunky hardware or expensive labs. All you need is a computer to introduce your students to the world of coding. Powered by Bitsbox, STEMscopes Coding is an affordable, exciting way to teach your students how to build and share their own, personalized apps. The best part, teachers? No prior coding experience is required—we offer embedded support throughout the program, and students can easily figure it out on their own!

We Put the T in the
STEM Classroom

Student Benefits

  • Explore a new level of STEM
  • Build personalized, shareable apps
  • Learn valuable 21st-century skills in a fun way
  • Independent use outside of the classroom

Teacher Benefits

  • No experience required
  • You decide your level of involvement
  • Reinforce cross-curricular standards
  • Endless hours of coding
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Mars Needs Milk

Not Your Average Coding Program

Other coding programs simulate the process with block-based learning. We do it differently. STEMscopes Coding allows your students to type their JavaScript code for a fully hands-on, personalized experience. On top of that, they’ll have a blast! In fact, your students will love it so much, you may spot them coding apps at recess.

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Fun and Engaging Project Based Learning

  • icon Make and Share Real Apps
  • icon Typed JavaScript Programming
  • icon Aligned to Science, Math & ELA Standards
  • icon Tons of Open-Ended Projects
  • icon No Experience Required

Teach Coding With Confidence

The IDEA lesson model provides constructivist pedagogy and facilitation to guide you through instruction. While lessons and key concept moments are provided, students can code apps independently or as an at-home project.


Excite students about building their own app!


Students design an app, then share their successes and questions.


Students who are able to code their initial app can improve their understanding with additional challenges.


Exit tickets allow students to reflect on their accomplishments and express their thinking.

Go Ahead,
Try It!

STEMscopes Coding features three types of projects: App, How Do I, and Challenge. For App projects, we provide an example of the code while students follow along. How Do I projects walk students through a specific task, and Challenge projects allow students to use their newly learned knowledge to write their own code.

Tablet with Foods on the Screen

Get Started by Coding The Food Fight App! Get Started by Coding The Food Fight App!

The best way to see what all the fuss is about is to jump in and code your first app. Available on desktop computers and laptops, the demo will take only a few minutes!

The best way to see what all the fuss is about is to jump in and code your first app. Available on desktop computers and laptops, the demo will take only a few minutes!

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STEMscopes Coding - K-12 Technology - Powered by BITSBOX

Built In Partnership With BITSBOX

Developed by ex-Googlers, Bitsbox is the leading resource for open-ended app coding and has provided coding activities for millions of students all over the world for more than five years. Bitsbox offers typed coding through real apps on real devices, so students learn real coding.