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What is STEMscopes?

Discover NISE at NSTA Los Angeles STEM Forum & Expo March 30 - April 2, Booth #843

NISE Overview

Supporting Excellence in STEM Programs and Teaching

The National Institute for STEM Education (NISE) certifies teachers, campuses, and districts in STEM teaching using a competency-based, academic coach-led online learning platform in which educators produce a portfolio of work that demonstrates proficiency across 15 STEM teacher actions.

Features & Benefits

I. STEM Certifying Teachers

  • Self-paced, mentor-led, competency-based certificates.
  • Learn and apply the 3 domains of STEM teaching.
  • Understand the pedagogy necessary for an effective STEM classroom.
  • Increase student achievement through improved teaching techniques.
  • Earn the National Certificate for STEM Teaching.

II. STEM Certifying Districts and Schools

  • Self-paced, mentor-led, competency-based certificates.
  • Learn and apply the 3 domains of STEM teaching; develop a common language for a STEM campus.
  • Understand the pedagogy necessary for effective STEM classrooms.
  • Increase student achievement through improved teacher ability, campus-wide culture alignment, and accountability system for teachers, administrators, and district leaders.
  • Earn the National Certificate for STEM Excellence.

III. Furthering STEM Research and Pedagogy

  • Create a research body for effective STEM teaching.
  • Track teacher effectiveness over time to reveal how the 15 teacher actions influence student outcomes.
  • Improve on pedagogical methods, reveal the best methods to teach diverse students.
  • Increase the number of students graduating from 4-year colleges with STEM degrees.

Certification Programs

Individual Teachers & Educators

STEM certifying teachers begins with self-evaluation of competency across the actions of the three domains. Move at your own pace, concentrate on your growth areas, and quickly demonstrate your strengths.

School & District-Wide Certificates

The National Certificate for STEM Excellence transforms school culture and raises student achievement by helping your campus become a 21st century STEM learning center.

Master's in STEM Education & Doctorate Programs

Pursue an Advanced Degree with ACE

NISE’s STEM certificate opens doors for an advanced degree with American College of Education. Programs are affordably priced and offered at an accelerated pace.

Philosophy & Design

Bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Fifteen teacher actions across three domains are the core of quality STEM instruction. Underpinned by student autonomy, constructivism, explicit/reflective methodology, and 21st century skill buidling, NISE’s philosophy is at the cutting edge of STEM pedagogy.


Built on a foundation of academic research and professional development.

Conceived in the lab by practicing teachers, NISE is a research institution at its core. From the nuances of childhood development to the complexities of engineering design, NISE produces and relies on a wide variety of education research.